The majority of the straps for our collections have a click-on/click-off system which allows you to easily exchange the straps of your CLUSE watch, this includes the Mesh straps. Here’s a video which shows you how: mix & match.

Not all straps are interchangeable since not all of them have the same width. Here’s an overview of the width of the straps, and which collections they fit:

  • 12 mm wide straps belong to our La Vedette collection, and only fit our La Vedette collection.
  • 16 mm wide straps belong to either our Minuit, la Tétragone, Triomphe or our La Roche Petite collection. They only fit these collections.
  • 18 mm wide straps belong to either our Boho Chic, La Roche, or our Pavane collections. These straps fit the watches from the Boho Chic, La Roche, and Pavane collections.

You can also find which straps are suitable for which watch on the product page when you select the strap/watch and view its product information description.

Vigoureux watches

Please be aware that the linked bracelet of the Vigoureux is not changeable.