In order to ensure a safe delivery, we at CLUSE have taken several steps to protect the watch. Among these steps are a battery conserver and a protective piece of plastic on the glass.  However the rose gold models are an exception to this rule; on the rose gold models we do not use this protective foil, because certain types of foil can cause discoloration.

Before you start using the watch, make sure to remove the following two items:

  • The little piece of plastic between the crown (the button which allows you to adjust the time) and the watch face. After removing this piece of plastic, you will be able to push in the crown and the watch should start ticking.
  • The piece of protective plastic covering the glass. For transport, there is a thin sheet of plastic attached to the glass. Before you start wearing the watch, you should remove it.          

If you have removed both of these things and your watch is still not working or the glass still seems to be damaged, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team.