In the confirmation email there will be a Track&Trace link, please click this. This will take you to our tracking tool ‘Metapack’ which will give you your tracking number (see1) and postal carrier (see 2).

Please follow the steps given below to access the tracking information of your order.

Note the tracking number starting with CN (1)

The postal carrier can be found in the upper right hand corner (2)

Please copy the tracking number, visit the postal carrier’s website (so in this case and enter the tracking number (see printscreen below).

Once entered, you will be shown the tracking information of your order from our warehouse until it is handed over to the postal carrier in the country of shipping. 

Please click on the postal carrier name in the right hand corner (see printscreen below), this will give you more specific tracking information regarding the delivery of your order in your country. 



 If you find that your parcel has not moved recently or if there is something you do not understand, please contact our customer care team.