Due to lockdowns in various countries and the subsequent online shopping surge, our warehouse in Germany and our carriers are facing an enormous increase in volume of packages. As you will find with most of your other online shopping: shipping takes longer. If you have ordered before Dec 16, we expect that your order should still arrive before Christmas. For orders after this date it is uncertain. Of course, we are doing everything in our power to get your order to you as soon as possible, but circumstances are special this year as we all know. Please stay safe and we wish you happy holidays!

Should you experience delivery delays longer than 10 days, please contact us at cluse@care.com and we will provide you with a solution. For more detailed information, please take a look below:

- Spain: Delivery is delayed. Our carrier is experiencing delays mainly in and around Madrid due to the current governmental measures. 

- Ireland: As a result of the recent lockdown announcements and local restrictions, there is now a 7 day delay expected on deliveries.

- Greece: Delivery is restricted to retail locations in the following postcodes: 54XXX, 55XXX, 56XXX, 62121, 62124.

- Italy: No delivery is possible in the following areas due to governmental measures: 

-    Irsina 75022

-    Arzano 80022

-    Marcianise 81025

-    Orta di Atella 81030

-    Genzano di Luciana 85013

-    Zumpano 87040

-    Rovito, Msngone 87050

-    Spezzano della Sila 87058

-    Caccuri 88833

-    Giffone, Anoia 89020

-    Rosarno 89025

-    Taurianova 89029

-    Centuripe 94010

-    Vittoria 97019

For general information, please refer to our Shipping Policy here.