Before you start using a watch, make sure to remove the following two items:
  • The little piece of plastic between the crown (the button which allows you to adjust the time) and the watch face. After removing this piece of plastic, you will be able to push in the crown and the watch should start ticking.
  • The piece of protective plastic covering the glass. For transport, there is a thin sheet of plastic attached to the glass. Before you start wearing the watch, you should remove it.  
If your watch or of jewellery has a defect, please contact our Customer Care team with the following information:
  • Your CLUSE order number or invoice with date of purchase
  • The description of the defect
  • The model of the watch or jewel starting with CL or CW
  • A clear double-sided photo of the item in JPG format
  • Your surname, first name, full address and telephone number.
This information will allow us to assess whether the defect can be covered by the warranty.

If the watch is behind or does not give the correct time, we advise you to check the battery with a jeweler or one of our official resellers before contacting us: